ROCKY SHORELINE stackable bracelet  CDN $40.00

ROCKY SHORELINE stackable bracelet CDN $40.00

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Rocky shorelines inspired this handmade bead.  It is surrounded by sterling silver and square hematite spacer beads. This one is a strong stand alone bracelet or can be paired with others.  It measures just under 7 inches on stretch elastic cord so it gently falls at the wrist line, rather than sliding further down on the hand. 

I love using hematite and silver together as they have such healing properties.    Hematite is and energetic stone known for balancing body, mind and spirit. It clears negativity and assists in keeping other bad energy at bay. This stone is strong, for those who may appear shy. by increasing confidence and  enhancing self-esteem, willpower and reliability.

Silver is a known to be a lunar metal, and is loved by those who are both sensual and spiritual in nature. It is also a healing metal with  known medicinal and anti-bacterial  properties  It it thought to balance energy and helps to remove tendencies toward negativity.